What is Crazy Panthers Party ?

Scary Panthers Party is a collection of 3,333 Panthers, randomly generated using +150 unique attributes over 8 categories.

Every panther is welcome to enjoy the scariest party of their life. No one wants to miss out on this, so be sure to register on the guest list!

Why is everybody coming to the party?

In search of scares and thrills, the panthers will celebrate Halloween in a mansion hidden in the middle of nowhere.

It's a haunted place known, and for a good reason. Several panthers claim that a ghost is roaming the ruins of the castle to hunt down the partygoers...

For those who are scared, think twice before taking your seat for this event because once the doors open, your dreams will turn into nightmares, and there’s plenty of room for goosebumps...


Free for panthers holders - 0.05E for non panthers holders in Public Sale.

Panther holders : 1 Crazy Panther = 1 Scary Panther during the free mint period.

Free mint : 27th October - 4AM ET to 4PM ET
Public : 27th October - 5PM ET

They will be revealed 1 day after Public Sale.

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Meet The Party Planners